Thursday, January 21, 2010


Rudolf Steiner: "For handwork rooms, interiors should be used which give special emphasis to the soul-element. The craft room should be decorated with artistically executed motifs from everyday life and from the crafts, so that one has on the walls something that receives with a certain symphathy all that is done in these rooms. This would apply to spinning too." (Teachers' conference, Stuttgart, January 31, 1923)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Felt making class 8





Socks knitting class 6

First pair of socks is already knitted. The pupils is skiing and the picture will be posted later on.

Other pupils are very different: some want knit in school and at home, some have to knit at home and the progress is easy to recognise.

Today I teach in one of the sixth classes and I will post the pictures of their work.

Cross stich class 5

The first pin cushion is almost finished, it only needs to be sewn. Great work! And the pupil came to the in the middle of the last year!



Some of the progress from the last lesson is here on display: