Sunday, July 31, 2011

Did you know?

Tom Hanks, co-star and director, played a prank on actress Julia Roberts while shooting their new film Larry Crowne. Check it out! It is great!


knitPro is a free web application that translates digital images into knit, crochet, needlepoint and cross-stitch patterns. Simply upload jpeg, gif or png images and knitPro will generate a graph sizable for any fiber project. knitPro digitally mimics the tradition of pre-industrial craft circles who freely shared patterns and passed them down from generation to generation.

Yarn bombing/guerilla knitting

Have you heard about it? I like the idea so much that I am thinking of taking an action. We have got a new street lamp and the concrete pillar is so boring. Why not dressing it ;) ?

I love these  projects. Have you seen one around your place?

Mountain air helps curing the whooping cough

We took a trio to the mountains. High altitude can help curing the whooping cough our boys have now. We were lucky since there was an eco fair with local producers of vegetables and cheese, wooden and felted products and some homemade sweets.

is there something for us?

this meal is calles "Ĩompe", which is boiled potatoes with cottage cheese and some cheese as the shepherds ate it

writing to the loved ones :)

this bumblebee has lunch, too :)