Monday, January 3, 2011

Beech masts' dwarfs

If there are many beech masts in autumn in the woods, the winter will be cold and with lots of snow. I found these beautiful big ones in our capital, under a beech tree which grows in front of the musical school.

To make the dwarfs you need wooden beads for heads (I picked quite big since the masts are big too), felt (I always use 100 % wool felt), thread and sewing needle, scissors and glue.

I cut the felt triangles for the caps and sew them. I always use blanket stitch.

and then glue them on the beads. The bodies and the heads are fixed with hot glue, it is more flexible.

Add some felt leftovers for collars of scarves and/or some bells on the top of the caps.

You can make a dwarf mobile, you can put them in secret places around the house and kids will have great pleasure discovering them, they are great if you make dwarf land (with natural materials like moos, branches and bark ...) and they are great for the seasons' table as well.

Please share some photos with us if you make some beech masts' dwarfs.