Thursday, October 21, 2010

The lost doll

In my childhood plastic dolls like Barbies and others were not popular jet (in our part of the world) – thank God. It is great to hug a warm, soft and gentle doll when you are child. I had one of cloth dolls, homemade, my grandmother made it for me. She wore the most beautiful clothes, my grandmother made them too, the embroidery needle was her tool and she enjoyed sewing and embroidering them a lot. She was the one who taught me to knit, to sew and to create and her button box was one of my favorite toys. Handwork is grown with me.
I was allowed to take my cloth doll to the kindergarten to hug her before sleep. One of my kindergarten friends had a crush on me, which I realized years after. He showed me his affection in a strange way. He took my Sanja and he would hide her in different places. So I would spend a lot time looking for her and spending a lot of time with him. He forgot that I wasn’t pleasant for me at all. I cried often as I searched for Sanja. Instead of building bridges with me he broke down one every day. Today I can see why he was so naughty but by the time when I was a child I felt frustrated and was concerned for my cloth doll.