Friday, February 25, 2011

My first award since I started my own blog

Yes, yes!!! Suprisingly, couple of days ago, came a sweet message of my dear Greek friend Mirsini that my blog was chosen for my first award (

 :) Anybody who tastes that colourful sweet piece of cake will begin thinking "sweet" and only beautiful things will happen to him.  

I would like to share what makes my life so colourful and sweet:
  • my family: my dear husband and my best friend and two sons
  • taking care for my boys, cats and lovely house
  • being creative: knitting, crocheting, sewing and felting
  • reading books (but not in the last months, now so many blogs take all of my reading time)
  • cooking vegetarian meals
  • shopping for shoes (right now I can't decide which one to buy from this site: Deerberg)
  • window shopping (I get much of this lately - strolling with my baby)
  • writing my blog
  • strolling with my friends and our babies
  • travelling around the world ...
And now I am passing this award forward to the ten blogs I like a lot:

Please continue the protocol of this award and give it to the next 10 blogs that you like!

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  1. Hey! It's nice to read what makes you happy! You are so sweet person! I'm glad i met you! :)