Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The dandelion's garland

It is very easy to make while playing outside. It looks great on children and adults as well ... My friend said the other day wearing one of the garlands that she felt very special wearing it.

Pick about 30 dandelion's blossoms with long stems but begin with only four of them.

Place them parallel and wrap the next one around the stems.

Continue until the chain is long enough.

Wrap the last one or two around the stems and "lock" the stems in the loop of the previous wrapping.

Raise your head and enjoy the day wearing the garland.

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  1. Wow ! This is very beautiful and i will try to do it one day, soon! Thank youuu ! Oh! what is this crochet game in your previous post? Please tell me, i'm really curious to know ! Kisses to you lovely Nadja!