Wednesday, August 24, 2011

10.000th view - the reason to celebrate

Only 8 more views and we'll reach the first milestone: 10.000 views.

I wish I could be here with you but I am on the way to the festival of letters to make my own business cards. I will show them later today.

And I might think of another giveaway for everyone who leaves a comment or becomes a follower. This is really a big day!


  1. Here it is! Thank you for coming around. I wish you would post more comments to get some feedback. I enjoy writing a blog but sometimes it feels like talking to yourself.

    Do not forget to post a comment today, you will be rewarded :)

  2. WooT! Gratz for the 10.000 views!!
    We are waiting for the cards!
    Sorry if i don't comment often but i pass by for sure:P

  3. Hi Nadja!!!
    As i can see you are fine and happy!!! Congrats for the 10.000 views!!!
    You are not talking to your self!!! I'm reading all your posts but this was a vacation period so i thought to make a little rehab from blogging!!! Tomorrow i'm leaving for an island and i will be back on 11th-12th of september but i will try to do some blogging also!!! I'm waiting to see your new business cards!!!
    Kisses to you my friend!!! ;o)

  4. Hej hoj!
    Vaaauu, jaz imam še zelo daleč do takega jubileja ;)Čestitke! Ti kar vztrajaj, ni zaman, je vedno fino pogledat tvoje preproste in lepe tutoriale in duhovite spletne najdbe! lpd