Friday, November 18, 2011

Advent swap

Hello dear friends,
I would like to offer you an Advent swap. If you would like to participate in it write a comment before Nov 26th. Pairs for swap will be randomly chosen.
How does it work?
You make something beautiful, wrap it nicely and send it to the address you'll get and then the expectation begins. Soon a packet comes to your door and surprise surprise you get a beautiful gift with a short letter ...
The packages should be sent by Dec 15th so we all get them before Christmas.
Thank you to all who caught that and let others know! I am looking forward and hoping you all want to be part of it!


  1. Bom pa jaz taprva! Evo, čekiram se! Grem še k sebi razglasit tvoj swap!

  2. I will participate, thank you!

  3. the link to my blog was wrong, this one is right:)

  4. Jest tut, jest tut se pofočkam. Teli novoletni swapi so že od nekdaj nekaj najlepšega :)

  5. I would like to participate!
    Shelby Sanchez

  6. Jaz tudi, jaz tudi! Nadja, krasna ideja!

  7. Se pridružujem tudi jaz! Cita