Monday, December 19, 2011

The Advent spiral

It is the time of the year to walk the advent spriral. If you wander what this is about you can read more about it:

Adventsong by Eugene Schwarz
(To be recited while walking in a spiral)

In the deep and dark wood's heart
Where moans the North Wind cold,
You will find a sun-filled cave
When you walk a spiral road.
Shimmering stars will sing above
To the crystals that glitter below,
While you draw your light from a flame so bright
Bringing warmth to the sparkling snow.

I have found an article about the Advent spiral in Erziehungskunst (in German). 

It is the time to light ourselves the Light that we receive at the opposite festival (St. John's). 
Saint Michael protects our body from danger, 
Saint Martin  heats our body and soul,
while Saint Nicholas  heats our body and soul and strengthens the powers of life and so enchanced we can walk along the path to revive the Light.

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