Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cross stitch in class 5

This year's class 5 is amazing. It is not even half of the schoolyear and four of them have finished with embroidery. I enjoy being their teacher, their attitude is great, they want to work, they are accurate, they work
evenly, we did'nt "argue" about working with colors and not patterns.

One of the girls that finished cross stitch today said: I feel blessed!

The only bad thing is that I forgot my camera at home and have no pictures yet. Tomorrow!


  1. Tudi moj dan je bil uspešen na podoben način. A ne, kako je lepo bit učitelj v takih trenutkih! In jutri bova šli spet z veseljem v službo :)

  2. saj je bil torek zato toliko težji. jutri pa spet moji ljubi prvošolčki :)