Sunday, January 29, 2012


Two festival are coming in February: Candlemas and Valentines.

And I would love to give three presents: 

the heart glassbeads necklace, the knitters earrings and knitters brooch.

All you need to do is to become a follower, to post a comment or to link this giveaway in your blog. 

The giveaway ends at Feb 8th, the Slovenian culture day at noon.


  1. the knitters brooch is the cutest thing ever! :) im a new follower ..

  2. You are sooo generous my friend!!! I can't resist in all these wonderful gifts!!!! I wish i will be lucky again!!!!! Thank you sooo much!!!! Wishing you the most wonderful festive days with lots of love around you!!!
    Hugs!! :oD

  3. what a neat giveaway! love the knitting brooch idea!

  4. ohmygosh, what a great giveaway! i LOVE your hearts glass bead necklace; it's so sweet and colorful! and my mom's a knitting maniac, so she'd love the knitting themed jewelry. what creative designs!

  5. Luškane stvari, res.
    So sweet and cute. I like it.

  6. O, hudiča! Sej bi skori zamudila! :) Nadjuška draga, kje najdeš čas za vse te čudovite drobnarije? Uhančki so super druper šik!

  7. mojca, sem te že pogrešala. še enkrat spat :)