Saturday, March 3, 2012

This week

was great. Warm weather, lots of sunshine and good mood everywhere.

My class1 made huge progress in knitting, almost everyone learned how to do it this wee.

In class 3 four girls made their flute cases.

In class 4 the firstknitted  hat was made and the same girl finished a finger knitted shawl in a double lesson.

In class 5 about a half of the pupils sew their cross stiched shoulder bags.

In class 6 we got a new pupil and she made two finger knitted shawls in a double lesson. Everyone was surprised how handy she is. I bet she will learn how to knit in the next lesson.

In class 7 pupils are still sewing their first animal and

in class 8 we are finishing felted slipers.

I also finished this. Here are some pictures of it:

 and there is a waldorf doll for a very special birthday girl:

with a reversible dress and reversible shorts.


  1. Pridni vsi :) Krasen šal, upam, da ga kmalu vidim v živo!

  2. Ooo, Nadja, moja punčka! Hvala za to prečudovito punčko! In komaj čakam, da bo dovolj toplo, da bom lahko za v vrtec oblekla Blaževo majčko! Zelo zelo sem vesela! Lahko noč! Mila