Monday, September 7, 2009

6th grade - knitting

With a group of 6th graders we talked a lot about knitting socks. Kids say openly that they will not wear them. I hope they change their minds when the socks are ready to wear or that their moms will be happy to wear them.

Pupils draw plans and chose colours of wool and they have some time to change their mind until their first knitted animal is done. They had two options to choose: to knit a fox or a horse. Suprisingly most of them decided for a fox.
With the help of beeswax they formed either a fox or a horse and only then they got their pair of knitting needles. Most of them took them in their hands and started to knit, one boy will need my extra help to learn to knit.

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  1. Tudi jaz jih do letos nisem nosila, potem sem jih pa našla na dnu ene omare in ugotovila, da to so res najboljši štumfki za ledene zimske dni(: